My house (demo dron)

Own window
The window is synchronized

Window Closed | Platform Closed

Name and city/town

Enter the name you want to give the window to be able to identify it comfortably (for example: My house window)
Enter the city or town where the window is located.

Link / Wifi connection

If you have changed the Wifi (the name and / or the password), you must re-link the window.
Enter the Wifi data here and generate a new linking code.
Introduce el nombre de red (también llamado SSID) que tiene la Wifi a la que se conecta la ventana.
Enter the password of the Wifi network to which you are going to connect the window.
Choose the type of security that has the Wifi network to which you will connect the window.

Specific data for drones

Attention: These parameters should only be modified with exact values using precision measurements, such as those used by the installers of this device.
Enter the exact latitude decimal coordinate where the window is located.
Enter the exact longitude decimal coordinate where the window is located.
Enter the exact height in centimeters where the window is located above ground level.
Enter the estimated time it takes for a drone to reach your window since it leaves from the nearest drone airport.
Enter the time when the window should be opened before the estimated dron arrival.
Enter the time the window should remain open after the estimated dron arrival.

Unlink window

Attention: If you unlink the window it will return to its factory setup and you will not have any access to it. Once you are unlinked you can re-link it by performing the linking process.